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Vipeq Industries Thermal Cork Shield installed by Sask Cork offers the following properties…

Thermal Barrier


Utilizing the cork trees natural insulating properties from extreme heat and cold, this product when combined with an elastomeric coating creates a thermal barrier which repels heat and cold from entering your home as well as locking in heat or air conditioning inside.



Cork is truly an amazing natural product that has survived forest and farm clearing for centuries partially because cork bark protecting the tree is fire retardant. This means that if a direct open flame is held to your home, the cork will reflect and dissipate the heat without absorbing the heat and the cork will not release heated particles (ash) or allow the flames to spread.

Acoustic Insulation


This product is excellent if you're looking to block out the sound from motorways, lawnmowers, and snow blowers. Maybe you would rather have your stereo blasting your favourite songs without having to worry about what the neighbours are thinking. This product reduces sound in and out of your home up to 18 decibels!

Lasting Appearance


The pigment in our product fades and breaks down at a rate of 1% per year which is far better than traditional paints, stuccos and other finishing products 2%-10%.

Low Maintenance

Does your siding or windows collect dust, water spots or hydrocarbons (exhaust)? Not to worry just pressure wash your cork siding and your home brand looks new without damaging the finish.

10-year warranty


Our product offers a 10-year warranty when installed by SaskCork Applications!

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